Monday, December 20, 2010

Never a dull moment!!

It's the week of Christmas. Tomorrow is the kids last day of school. They all are pretty excited! I just got done wrapping presents, still have some more to wrap, but I need more wrapping paper. So, in keeping w/ my "lay it all out there" attitude, I will share a very embarrassing and humbling moment I experienced today. I went to the post office to ship my Dad's Christmas present. Now I have never shipped anything for Christmas, so i am a rookie at this. I get there, get my box, had to buy packing tape, blah blah blah.. I wait in line, the guy puts the sticker on my box, I swipe my debit card. DECLINED!!!!! Are you FREAkING kidding me?? The line in the post office was like the line to sit on santas lap. geez. Needless to say, I was utterly humulatied( and I can't even spell that word right!)....Darnell gets paid on Thursday. We still have presents to buy. Every stinking year we try to plan so this crap doesn't happen. So, after that I was pretty much pissed off. I had plans to come home and work on some baking. I was a crab. I then decided I needed to fill my head w/ some Godly wisdom. I watched "God's House Orlando", my Cousin's Aaron and Meg's church down in Orlando on a webcast. it was very inspiring, very festive. It helped a lot. Then I saw a video on FB about how just like when a lion is hunting for prey, they can smell the fear, they can sense it. When they have the opportunity, they attack. Well the devil does the same w/ us. I was all flustered, my guard down, and feeling depressed and a whole bunch of other crap that is NOT of God. So.. I have to put this into perspective. I need to keep myself on guard, I need to strengthen my relationship w/ God so that when these petty things in life won't ruffle my feathers. Steve Hays, my first youth pastor always used to say, " Don't listen to your feelings, they will lie to you" or something to that effect. It's true. I act on my feelings way too much.
Lesson for the day...Trust God, Lean on Him. Let the rest Go!!!!!!

So Isaiah went to school today, Thank God!!! When I really think about it, we have a very comical, dramatic houseful of kids. I have this tall 14 year old son who is starting to get "whiskers" on his upper lip that you need a magnifying glass to see, he's all arms and legs, Darnell says he can probably scratch his knee caps without even bending over b/c his arms are so long! He's proud as all get out when he sweats and stinks later on.
Haley is a pre-teen. she will be 12 in a month. She is counting the months till she is an actual teenager. She is a very matter of fact kid. She calls it as she sees it(can't imagine where she gets that from?? lol) The other night when Jake, D's best friend picked him up, Haley just casually tells darnell that the mexican is here. LOL LOL LOL.. If you know Jake or Darnell for that matter, this is SOOO not a racial slam. Darnell and Jake have gone back and forth for YEARS throwing racial slurs at each other. Jake used to call D in the middle of the night and leave a voice mail simply saying " Hey D, you're Black" click. that's all. So obviously Haley has picked up on their easy going banter back and forth.
Savannah is a drama queen from the word GO! She walks around the house speaking in different accents( which oddly irriate the snot out of Isaiah).. she spits out these one liners that crack you up. and as funny as she is, the other day, she couldn't find a pair of jeans. You would SWEAR someone had died, the crocidile tears were flowing, the cry, cough, hiccup thing was going on... I tend to just ask her point blank, well did your jeans get up and just walk away? She responds"NO, hiccup, They were in my drawer"...cough...snot running down the cheek.. you get the idea. Oh Good Lord that girl. Then today when I picked her up from school I thought she was going to have a meltdown b/c I asked her why she is not wearing her headband thingy to cover her ears. That almost turned into the waterworks episode too. The girl is going to be in drama. If she does this all on her own, I can imagine how much she'd get paid to be a drama queen. Big bucks people, big bucks!
Isaiah... well he has turned into quite the comedian lately too. Because of the form of autism he has, well let's just say that if something is different in the house, he'll be the first to notice. He thrives on routine. 2 weeks ago when it was freezing out he got off the bus and I told him to just hop in the van so we could go get Haley from her bus stop. His walk has slowed to a snails pace, the head goes down...Ok so I bite" what's wrong Isaiah" .. after a little proding, he finally says, I always get a snack after school. I said you can have one, lets just run and get Haley. Point is, even something like that makes his head spin. a month or so ago I made pumpkin bread. He wanted it for breakfast. Well it was an ugly morning, everyone was running late, the bus came, he didn't get the pumpkin bread. First thing he says when he walks in the door, I didn't eat breakfast mom. In his mind, he meant he didn't eat pumpkin bread. He told anyone who'd listen that he didn't eat breakfast, even though it was now dinner time. That boy went to bed talking about that dang pumpkin bread. The next day he got a big 'ol piece of pumpkin bread before school. when Savannah plays video games, or any games she chews her tongue. We tell her one of these days she's really going to bite it hard.. well if she and Isaiah are playing against each other in a video game, if she wins, Isaiah blows up, saying" SHE'S CHEWING HER TONGUE!!! He thinks that is what is making her win. HAHAHAHAHA!!
THere is never a dull moment in our house. well that's all I got for today.