Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well we had blizzard like conditions today. The lake looked amazing w/ the waves so big. It was COLD!! Darnell had to work. I stayed home. We were suposed to go to church, but I wasn't going out in that crap. So we all stayed in our PJ's all day. Me and the girls watched "Ramona & Beezus" the boys played video games...pretty chill day.
Isaiah had a huge episode yesterday. I actually was able to calm him down. It's so frustrating to watch him get so upset simply b/c he is not capable of communicating effectively. I see it clearly more and more. The minute we don't understand something he is trying to say, his frustration level shoots sky high so fast. If I ask him questions, it just makes it worse. It definately is a learning process. It really is like learning a whole new language. My friend Jen is going to help me put together social stories, so that Isaiah can point to situations, he needs to visually see things. Trying to explain stuff to him really just is like speaking spanish to him. He needs to see it. I want so much for him to feel like he is being understood. My 3 other kids are so good with him. some days they do get the brunt of Isaiah's attitude, which I guess happens in families w/ more than one kid anyway...however they handle it well. They are sensitive to him and forgiving. Something I am so thankful for. Jeremiah is 14 now, we had his party on Friday. My baby is growing up. I know mom's all say this, but really, my kids are the cream of the crop. I am proud to be their mom. I am blessed beyond measure.