Saturday, November 5, 2011

Couponing, Crabby Pants, Crepes

Well I went to pick n save and had my first "couponing" experience. I didn't make out as well as I had hoped. The advertisement said "double double daze" which I took to mean, it doubles your coupon, then doubles it again. And you could only use up to 10 coupons. Well if it would have worked out that way, I would have done very well! I still did save some money, just not the way I thought. Oh well, you have to start somewhere!
Lately my right hip has been hurting like crazy. I seriously am so fed up w/ the things in my body that are hurting. I mean come on, I'm only 34! I don't know if I should just "walk it off..." or go to urgent care or to my regular Dr...We'll see what happens. 
I am going to take a hot bath and spend some time alone w/ God. I am a crabby pants and I know that I need some time to get out of my funk! 
Crepes for dinner!