Monday, November 7, 2011

Domestic Goddess? Who ME??? YES!!!

Well I feel like quite the domestic Goddess today! I didn't clean like a fool, however I did make a kick ass dinner ( with the help of Darnell's mom who gave us a cooked ham) which I made into scalloped potatoes and ham. Then I currently have in the oven Jumbo Chocolate Chip streusel muffins! 

These are the yummy muffins that are baking.
Since I can't do heavy cleaning, I have really gotten into baking and knitting. And so that brings me my second domestic goddess act of the day.

I am working on my scarf. It's going to be FANTASTIC!!!! I got a basket for all my yarn. I got it 50% off at JoAnn Fabrics. And then I bought my first "crafty" magazine. LOL. So I am feeling quite domestic. Feels good. I am having to make a lot of adjustments as far as what I can do around the house. So...I am actually having fun with the new things I am doing. The baking and cooking is not new, but knitting, crocheting and all that is very new to me. And oh so much fun. I have found that mornings are the worst for me. I wake up and my neck hurts so bad! I have a "good" pillow..but it doesn't help. So I have to accept that I am not going to be anywhere near my best in the mornings. It takes me awhile to get moving. So that is my time to listen to music,relax, search for coupons online. Adjustments are hard. But they don't always have to be boring!! 

And the finished product! They taste awesome! I'm feeling quite confident today and might even change the name of my blog to Domestic Goddess...hahah..just kidding!!!!