Saturday, November 5, 2011

THe ugly

Well, I have said that I share the good, the bad the ugly about myself. Here's some ugly. like seriously. I think anyways. Lately I KNOW w/o a shadow of a doubt that I have had a very greedy spirit. I have what I have always called I serious case of the " I wants" I want to shop, I want to redecorate.. you name it. The BIBLE clearly says that we should be happy with what we have. When I reflect on the last 10-15 years, I can easily see how far we've come. 10 years ago, I would've given anything to have some of what we have what we do now. SO why am I being so selfish. Well b/c I am human. I think I have figured out a part of the reason WHY I am feeling like this. I am home all day and w/ all my recent health issues it seems as if retail therapy will make me feel better. I'll feel in control. Well obviously we all know it doesn't really work out that way.
Bottom line.. God is convicting me. I need to be content w/ what I do have. Darnell works his ass off. I do NOT want to be that spoiled brat. I am a work in progress. 
On a positive note, I have gotten into knitting and crocheting this week. I have gotten a great start. between my mom and Jodi, I will be an old pro in no time. I bid on a vintage knitting bag on ebay. I know one thing for sure, I am perfectly content staying in, knitting or crocheting...baking, wearing my apron... feeling like a mom from the 1950's... haha.  I feel like a homemaker. It's the one thing I feel like I know I was meant to be. 
And I am TRYING to get into this couponing thing... it's not coming all that easy. I'll keep at it though. 
So, that's what is going on w/ me right now! 
 My neck and head are ok.. I had a bad headache and my neck was killing me before i took a pain pill.. I hope I don't wake up feeling yucky. Me and the girls are going to my mom's to do some stamping and make cards. All of these things are the things that really matter. I need to keep reminding myself of that. Please keep me in your prayers as I attempt to cut WAY back on buying Starbucks. Sounds silly to a lot, but for me it's a big deal.   That's all for now!