Sunday, May 17, 2009

Decent Weekend

It's been an interesting weekend. Darnell had to work overtime Friday and Saturday and then today starts his regular work week. So.. yesterday Isaiah was just completely out there.. screaming, yelling.. the whole 9 yards..I was already loosing my patience since he was home from school on Friday. I called my mom but she didn't forgot her phone so I called my aunt sheila and she insisted she come over. So she came over, brought me Starbucks(grin) and sometime just having someone else here helps. Well then Mom ended up stopping by and we all went back to mom & aunt sheila's house. We got pizza and blizzards. Then Darnell got done w/ work and was able to eat w/ us. Joyce Dehart gave us this cooooool vanity, w/ it's an antique and has the cool mirror! Plus a matching dresser. I am stoked. This morning Janis wanted Jeremiah to come and cut grass and asked if it would help me out if she took Isaiah too. BONUS!! So.. me and the girls went to Shopko so I could get sunglasses, then we got startbucks. When we got home, I put together lasagne so that at dinner time all I had to do was pop it in the oven. Then the girls and I went for a walk. They started off on their bikes, then Haley's chain broke, so she roller skated. Now I have to bring her bike back to walmart because her bike is brand new. Isaiah has been quite challenging lately... but I am slowly resigning myslef to the fact that it is what it is, like it or not. When the girls and I were walking, well I walked, haley skaed and Savannah had the scoooter. But just watching them, being kids, so carefree..I love that feeling of watching my kids just be kids. They don't have disrupted lives, we have provided a stable, loving home for them and I'm not patting myself on the back, but the proof is in the see them just enjoying life, being carefree, to hear the girls talk back and forth like friends, not fighting like so many sisters do.. Those are the thoughts I chose to fall asleep thinking about.