Thursday, May 21, 2009

Isaiah's in the hospital

Well Isaiah was admitted last night to Rogers Memorial in Milwaukee. He slept the whole way there, and thru most of the intake. While I was talking w/ the nurse Darnell got his jammies on and told him he would have to stay a few nights, when I came out from talking w/ the nurse Isaiah was sitting on D's lap sobbing. I felt so bad. He was so tired, we tucked him in and he fell asleep. We will call him in about a half hour. We aren't going to see him today because we don't want to disrupt his schedule and get him all upset for a 45 min. visit. I am really praying that we get somewhere with all this. I miss him, but to be quite honest, I feel relief. Relieved to know he's hopefully getting help, that we will get help in dealing w/ him. The girls are going to the trailer this weekend w/ Uncle Chuck & Aunt Linda and I think we'll have Jeremiah spend the night at Blair's or mom's. This will give Darnell and I some time together, to regroup, rest. I am very blessed w/ a great support system. Part of me feels like, this all just sucks. To have 2 of our 4 children have disabilities really bites. However, I also realize it could always be worse. They aren't life threatening, yet still stressful. I have had a few people in my life tell me all I did was talk about my kids( when they were going thru surgery, hospitalization, etc) and that has really tripped me up. I then feel guilty. Well, I am past that. These are my kids, my babies. How in the world could I NOT talk about it, not have it be my focus. I now know who is really in my corner and who isn't. And I have to say, I am extremely blessed by my circle of support.