Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good day

Well I got up and got moving and it's a good thing I did b/c Isaiah ended up having to stay home. He's soooo bound up that I can feel the stool in his intesintal feels like he's got marbles in there. So I loaded him w/ miralax and hopefully we won't end up in the ER needing an enema. I got the downstairs vacuumed, the kitchen cleaned up, dishwasher loaded..all that fun stuff. I see Russ tonight, my couselor. I am kinda excited. It will be good to talk w/ someone, sorta spill out all my issues to someone who can give me unbiased advise. And I won't feel like I am burdening anyone w/ my emotional woes...I have had a few select people make comments about all I talk about is my kids and the health issues..that has really hit me hard. It made me be nervous to talk at all about it..I don't want to burden anyone yet, my kids are my life, how can I NOT talk about it? However the people that have said this have turned out to be people that are not really as good of friends as I once thought. So, all that being said, i know I still need a 3rd party, a professional to help me work thru all that we have dealt w/ even going back to when Haley was born. She's 10 years old, but this birth defect will affect her whole life, and now everything w/ Isaiah.. well I am not claiming to be any kind of saint that can just suck it up. I need help dealing w/ all of it, so I'm getting it. Today I feel really good. Mon & Tues I prayed specifically for finincail blessings and Darnell has to work 2 days over time so that was pretty cool. It's raining out and I can't wait for it to get nice out and stay that way for more than a day... Well I am off to eat some lunch!