Monday, May 25, 2009

Laying it at God's feet!

Well today I did nothing. I never got dressed, I never took a shower, I did however get a couple loads of laundry done. that's it. I just felt so tired and drained. Tomorrow starts the week and I am a bit apphrehensive because I don't know what this week will hold for Isaiah. He may come home Wednesday. He's on new meds, he's going to be starting the day treatment much new stuff. Good stuff, in the right direction just overwhelming. So I need to just take a step back and let God work on me. I have nagging thoughts of our porch getting done, painting, all that putzy stuff that runs thru my mind as well as all the bigger stuff. So.. I am going to lay it at God's feet. I really am at a place where I have to place else to look. I guess sometimes that's how God works. He lets us get to the point where we have no other choice but to look UP!! I can't micromanage every detail. I need to leave it at God's feet and really leave it there. So.. that being said, I'm going to bed!