Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I cannot belive that it's Thanksgiving already. Well technically it's over now. but you get the picutre! We went to mom's for the first half of the our day. It was great! The kids had a blast, Darnell tore up mom's sweet potatoes and we enjoyed each other's company. When we were driving to mom's, I saw this young woman walking and I've seen her walking before. I"m no expert, but I have a feeling she's a drug addict. She always looks strung out, and just has that look about her, unkempt clothes, greasy hair...It made me feel so bad for her and all the others out there that don't have families to go to on holidays. It gives you a new perspective. I don't know how I could ever help her, except pray for her.
I am especially thankful for my hubby and kids this year. It's been one heck of a year. Probably one of the most challenging! I survived though, by the grace of God! I have a husband who does everything he can to help w/ Isaiah, our 3 other kids are well behaved, fun loving kids. Darnell and I were up in our room watching tv and the kids were downstairs playing, the giggling and laughter just lit the whole house up! I don't think there is a better sound than the hearing the laughter of your children! Even though it's been a rough year, I've had to put school on hold, I can't work, but God has provided for us! I am able to stay home and do what needs to be done. Tomorrow we are going to start getting the house decorated for Christmas! I'm excited, last year I was working so much I barely had time to enjoy the season..This year I plan on baking and making our home cozy and inviting and full of hte Christmas spirit. I am off to bed now.. my eyes are VERY heavy!! Time for bed.. while Darnell and Joanie are out at Toys R us starting the black friday craziness. No thanks, I'll stay in my comfty warm jammies and bed!! Happy Thanksgiving!!