Monday, November 2, 2009

Productive Monday

It's Monday again, which I was very happy b/c that meant the kids went back to school. Either my fuse is getting shorter, or they are getting, well I'll be kind, they are getting to be harder to put up with. Yesterday I was ready to SNAP!! Every time I turn around it's "MOM" the level they say/yell that varies, but it almost always involves a tattletale of some kind, whining etc.. you get the picture. Now.. Jeremiah is on Facebook, Haley is on facebook ( all closely monitored of course) but if I hear ONE MORE TIME ...." Mom, can I go on the computer?" Aside from starbucks and my phone, I will w/ no shame, well maybe a little, that this laptop is my lifeline. And now I have children invading in on my space. AHHHHHHHHH!!! Thankfully we have an older laptop that wasn't working, but now is, so they each get their time and I told them if they fight at ALL, I will shut it all down, no matter who's fault it is. Nipping the whole " she did this or that" in the bud.
I got a lot done today! This morning I was lazy for awhile, but once I got in the shower and got moving, I felt good. I actually wore real clothes, not sweats, put on some make up and did my hair. Isaiah and I went to the library, he got some picture books, I got him some alphabet books and some flash cards that we already ran thru once. He did really well. I am trying to incoroporate as much learning as I can w/o him really realizing it. When I got home I decided on a whim to paint the porch stairs and they look pretty good. Makes the porch look finished. In the spring we will deal w/ the replacement wood for underneath the porch, those spokes on either side of the bottom of of the porch. I changed meds and I am really wondering if my energy level has increased because of it. I haven't felt the strong need to just lay around. I still do to some extent, but I am actually getting stuff done. Tonight Savannah took a shower, I did her hair, she brushed her teeth and showed me the proper way to wash her hands, the way they taught them at school.. Haley read one whole chapter book tonight. It was about 60 pages or so and she finished in an hour. If she's isn't just like I'm glad it's something she enjoys. Well I need to go to bed.. eyes are very droopy.. my body aches..