Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Darnell is awesome!

I have been cleaning like crazy. I finally got our bedroom clean. The only thing that is not clean under our bed, it needs to be vacuumed...and it's bugging me that it needs to be cleaned! I got the laundry room clean and all the laundry done. All of it. That is alot!!!! Darnell peeled potatoes this morning before he went to work for me. I really don't think there is any other husband out there like him. Honestly...just when I think he can't wow me anymore, he does!! And he wow's me w/ little things and big things. Darnell accepts me w/ all my faults. That blows my mind. I am 32 years old and still can't believe that. I did not have a father in my life, and I'm pretty much ok w/ that. Sometimes I see older men and I wish I had some kind of dad..that my kids had a grandpa...but because I did not have a dad, it has always been hard to really accept that a man, Darnell, loves me, heck even likes me! I still sometimes have a hard time even talking to other men b/c Darnell is the only man I completely feel comfortable with. So God has blessed me w/ a husband who goes above and beyond all my expectations! And because he's so awesome, we will have 2 sons that some day, if they get married, will be awesome hubby's and dad's too, since they had such a great example. I don't feel like I deserve such a great man, but God does. I'm glad he believes in me more than I do..lol...
I finally called the advocate that will probably kick some Racine Unified Ass!! I have been putting it off, I left a message b/c she wasn't home. But I made the call. Once I talk to her, I have to tell the whole story..my counselor told me that everytime I tell the whole thing it's like reliving it again, sorta. I think he's right. It's so hard to tell it again. I need to record it and just hit play...I have told so many people the story and gotten no where. So...when she calls me back, I will tell it again. Hopefully it will get me somewhere.