Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last day of 2009

Well I can't say that I'm sad to say goodbye to 2009. This year has been awful. But I would rather focus on how far God has brought us rather than mull over all the crap that happened! Christmas was great! Darnell's been off since the 22nd, which has been fabulous! He has been cleaning, cooking, letting me sleep...all of which I feel like I totally needed! I didn't realize how drained I was. I mean I did, but I didn't. I am proud of myself for taking my iron pills every day for the last month, plus vitamin C, Vitamin D, a mulit-vitamin..hopefully my iron levels have started to come up. I still feel very wiped out.. but I was told it will take longer than 4 weeks for me to start feeling less tired after my iron levels being so low. kids are happy. They are healthy. Isaiah is better. He will have to return ( or at least try to ) to school probably sometime in the next month or so.. not sure how that will go, but God brought us this far, So I'm leaving it in his hands.
I have never been big on New Year's resolutions. However this year I am making some odd ones, lol.. like I want to take a day to make all the bday cards I will need for the year, sounds funny, but when you have a bday party and realize your don't have a card, it's so nice to just pick one out you made and there you have it! I am looking to make things simpler. I want to grow my hair out. Weird again, but it's my new years resolutions, so there you have it, lol,.. I also need to commit to taking my vitamins daily and getting into an exercise routine. We have a membership to the Y, I need to use it. I won't even lie and say I'm giving up Starbucks, because we all know , that's not happening, hahaha..So my new years resolutions are small, minor things. So, as 2010 approaches, I am looking forward to a new year. I am not looking forward to my kids growing another year older, I soo wish I could keep them little..but I need to embrace the age their at. So that's all.. Good bye 2009!