Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I will be quite honest..I am pms'ing...bad! I'm a craby b*tch!!! I got my laptop back today though.
I wonder if other stay at home mom's feel the following feelings:
inadequate about not doing things
feel like your mind just doesn't stop
like you will NEVER get all the things on your "list" done....EVER
feel like the days just run into each other..

I just have tons of feelings of inadequacy( can't spell it) I am tired of feeling irritated about EVERYTHING!!!!!
You know another thing that ticks me off? SNOW! WINTER!!! I hate it all. I don't give a rip about snowmen or change of seasons blah blah blah.. I hate being cold, I hate my feet getting wet from the snow, I hate driving in the snow, I hate even more..balled up snow pants, and socks and gloves and all the mess that goes w/ the kids playing outside, then proceeding to track all that lovely snow into my house so i can step in a nice lump of snow therein making my feet cold and wet!!! get my point? None of that is the least bit appealing to me. I like the *look* of the outside when it first snows, however I don't need to to see it first hand, that's what pictures are for! So here I am hating WI, being crabby and blogging about it.