Friday, December 4, 2009

Jeremiah's 13th bday party

We had J's 13th bday party tonight. I am sort of in shock that he is already this old. Time has gone by so fast, yet when I look back, so much has happened/changed since he was born! We were 18 and 19 and married w/ a baby!! Now my baby is a teenager! We got him a cell phone for his bday! He is sooo excited!! I never thought we'd get him one this young, however now that he's getting older and doing more things I like knowing I can get a hold of him and he can always get ahold of us. Grandma Hoagie got him an authentic Favre Jersey, he is sooo excited about that too. Haley made him the sweetest card, it was just precious. He also got a years sports illustrated subscription from grandma Wasik which he loves because it's like getting a present every month!! My house is clean! Darnell did an awesome job and cleaned like crazy! We have the house so nicely decorated and cozy. Darnell started the laundry and I'm going to finish it. It feels good to have everything feel right. It's that time of year that you reflect on what you have. Soceity makes it all about what you want and should get, however after the year we've had, I am soooo thankful for what I have. My family is outstanding and supportive and loving and accepting and has been w/ us every step of the way! I have a husband who in my opinion is exceptional. He puts up w/ alot from me, lol, yet still loves me just the way I am and doesn't expect me to change. I am still fighting this depression crap, some days oare great, like today, some are not. I started my iron pills a week ago. My iron level was 14 when the normal is 30-110, so obviously mine was extremely low. I go back in a month for blood work to see if the iron pills are helping. So far, I don't feel much difference, but I figure I've been severly anemic for so long, it's going to take a bit for it to take affect. I will be glad to finally not be so exhausted. The Wisconsin cold weather is officially here... I hate it!! I really do. I like maybe one really good snowfall and I'm good to go. I have been taking Vitamin D pills to help w/ the lack of vitamin D we midwesterners get in the winter. Well I'm going to bed...In a quiet house!!