Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Burn baby burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I worked out TWICE!!!!!!!!! Once in the morning when Isaiah was at school. I did 45 min on the elipitical. woo-hoo!! I was sweating bullets! Then tonight when I brought Savannah to her basketball practice I did a half hour on the treadmill.. I did it at a 4 incline w/ a speed of 4 or 4.5.. something like that.. I was definately feeling the burn! I showed Jeremiah how to use a bunch of the different machines. It feels good that everyone in our family is getting SOOO much exercise!! Now w/ the girls in basketball they are getting exercise there, plus the girls have been doing like a half hour on the treadmill everyday. Plus I've been going on walks w/ Isaiah, now that he can ride a 2 wheeler! He's sooo proud of himself. THe psychologist evaulated him today at school. She saw that he definately has a learning disabiltity and NEEDS occupational thearpy specifically for his eyes!! I am really ready for him to be in school. He's 6 1/2..he's getting bored and he needs to be in school. I am really praying that this team that is working on his eval will place him where he needs to be.
I actually jogged yesterday and today!! Not a whole lot, but it's a start. I have a goal to lose 60 lbs. I believe I can do it. I need to prove to myself that I can do it. I wish I could get a trainer..but I am going to do the best I can. I am trying to eat according to my gastric bypass diet. The Biggest Loser is a huge motivation to me! The way the push thru the burn when they are exercising, I have to work on that, lol...
Things w/ my dad are going great. The kids have talked to him twice. It gave me chills the first time. It's something I never thought would happen. It is an answer to many prayers and then some!!!!!!!! It's funny how things turn out, how much better God puts things together than we could ever do on our own! Well I am off to bed!!