Saturday, March 13, 2010


I did absolutely nothing today. Well not anything productive anyways. I wanted to go to the gym, but didn't. I am still anemic and somedays I really feel it. Today was one of those days. For 2 weeks I was on the ball, energetic and working out.. this past week, I have had zero motivation.. Tomorrow is a new day though.

Last night I was giving Jeremiah a hug good night he said "I'm glad I'm your boy" and I say " I'm glad I'm your mom"... I started that with m when he was like 3 or 4..I wanted him to always know that I not only love him because he's my son, but because he is an awesome kid.

I am getting closer to my dad, thru email and talking on the phone. If someone woulda told me 6 weeks ago that I would now have a realtionship w/ my father, I would've thought they were crazy! But God is amazing, and brought this all together. I feel blessed.. I have a fantastic mom, an amazing family and now I am getting to know my dad! That is a void that is being filled that I never thought would be....Praise God!
I plan on getting back on track this week w/ working out.. I have a dentist appt on Monday...but am going to go to the gym. Thankfully the appt is just for another set of impressions for my partial..I need to get all teh kids into the dentist. Savannah needs braces..and the list goes on, lol..