Tuesday, March 8, 2011

6 day fast!!

Well, it's been a weird week. Today is day SIX , yes 6 , that I have gone without solid food and only consumed liquid protein shakes and water. I am doing this in an effort to break my bad eating habits and cravings. Tonight I was craving carbs SOOO bad. I am feeling REAL hunger for the first time in a while. I think a lot of us, those of us at least that deal w/ weight issues, only feel real hunger once in awhile. This kind of fast forces you to let your body get to a point that you feel hunger. NOT starvation, but just hunger. Normally, we have cravings, we eat, we graze all day and nimble on this and that and never really feel hungry. Well let me tell you, I feel HUNGRY!!! But the funny part is I don't have an appetite for any particular food. I know I need to start eating real food at some point, but food just doesn't appeal to me. I have a few ideas why. First of all, the headache med I'm on decreases your appetite. So that's one thing, plus I'm stressed. Usually I tend to lean the other way and eat like there's no tomorrow when I'm stressed but w/ not knowing what's going to happen when we see Haley's Dr. next week, I am really stressed. The only vice I've had is starbucks. I could live off that and be perfectly happy. I'd probably be so unhealthy..lol.. so anyways.. to be continued....

During the days I feel like I just veg out. But from 2 p.m. on it's non stop. Once the kids get home, we are on a schedule. Especially now that I have a visual schedule for Isaiah. I have to stick to that for his well being. There is no room for me to be lazy. And to be quite honest, some days I just don't want to do homework, especially when his attitude is less than pleasant. But I need to be an example. I have that thought in my head- how can i be an example when inside I feel like a hot mess? Well I am slowly checking things off my to do list. That helps a lot!
Jack! Our new dog. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him! He's sweet and fun and silly. Quite therapuetic for all of us. I love hearing the laughter in our house. I love hearing our kids laugh, I love watching them play scrabble together on the ipad, or play checkers...They all still are close. Even w/ Jeremiah and Haley being 12 and 14 and getting to be in the teenager zone, they still spend so much time doing family things. It makes me feel like they are forming lasting memories. I hope they pass those on to their families some day!!!!
Well I am going to finish watching THe Biggest Loser and hopefully get some motivation!