Friday, March 25, 2011

Good day!

Well I am going to try and re-write what I blogged last night. I accidentally erased it when I was editing the format of my blog. 
Yesterday was a great day. I babysat Ruby and Annabelle. They are so fun to watch. Haley had  a half day so when she got home she was a huge help!  I put in a DVD I found from 2006 that I made of my girls. They were so little. It made me sad because I miss those days, however seeing them grow into young women is awesome. The time goes by so fast. I got into a cleaning kick and then Haley followed suit. She had my bandana on and she was on a roll!!!! She organized the coat closed, cleaned the living room... then she had one of the twins on her hip. It was like a glimpse into the future! She definately has those mothering instincts. Being a mom, watching my kids grow and is such a blessing. It's challenging, but oh so worth it. Some days I get impatient and crabby, but my soul purpose is and desire is to be a good wife and mom. I here myself complaining and crabbing so much~ when really the blessing far out weigh the junk. Each one of my children are such a blessing to me. That's all for today. 
P.S. i hope you can read this Jen, LOL LOL LOL