Tuesday, March 29, 2011

God is GOOOOD!!!!

So....I made some choices today. Good ones. I have been dealing w/ some really really BAD depression lately. I felt like I was in this horrible dark tunnel that I couldn't get out of. My dreams were horrid, it was BAD. Today I had to get up and get moving b/c D had to work. I went to Nikki's, which was a great thing. I got to hang out w/ her and the girls and it got me outta  my comfort zone (home).  Then the rest of the day got better. This evening I was driving. I will pray out loud when I am driving by myself. Well I decided that enough is enough.The only one that can control my moods and behavior is ME. I have a choice. I do not have a choice over the medical issues my kids have, however I do have a choice as to how I deal w/ it. I know for a fact that I am good at research, I am good at knowing the facts and being an advocate for them. Well if I am wallowing in self pity, how can I be a good advocate? So.. with all that being said, I am making some choices to improve my attitude. Yes we have obstacles, and all that jazz. But so does everyone. That is why God will carry us thru. That is why we can lean on him to help us and gives us people to be there for us. 
The next month or two are kinda up in the air w/ Haley. But I'm not scared. When I look back to what we have gone thru, what her little body has been thru... I know for a fact , without a doubt that God is faithful and will see us through whatever is ahead. I am not saying I'm perfect. I'm not saying I won't have my days, I'm a human mom for crying out loud, but I am saying I am making better choices. 
I am so thankful for the people God has put in my life. All Glory goes to God!!!