Saturday, March 5, 2011

We got a dog!!!!

We got a dog!! We adopted him, his name is Jack. He's a 2 year old cocker spaniel. He's the sweetest most loving dog! I prayed for a special dog, and we got one!! I think I am more excited than the kids, lol. This is a great age for them to have a dog. I think Isaiah will be the only one who can't take him out to go potty. I think having an animal can be so therapeutic. I am hoping it will be for Isaiah. It's killing me having to wait till the 15th to find out exactly what is going to happen w/ Haley. From what the nurse said, the Dr said it sounds like things need some fixing. So... that obviously means surgery. The big question is, how big of a surgery? how long will the recovery be? Will Haley have complications like she did when she was little? Darnell put it pretty bluntly, we are going to plan for the worst and hope for the best. From experience, I'd rather be prepared and not have to worry about babysitters and all that than be up there scrammbling, trying to be there w/ Haley and also know that my other kids are ok. I want them to have some kind of stability during the chaos. if that's even possible. We will try! And in some respect I am glad to finally be at this point, get this surgery over with. We knew at some point she'd need it. So.. we'll see. Nothing is even set in stone yet.
We are blessed w/ AWESOME family and friends, so I know all will be well.