Sunday, April 17, 2011

spring time soon??

For months I thought it was me, but with all the reading all I've been doing I have found that my short term memory is affected from Chiari.  Wonderful. There are sooo many things that this affects. At least now it explains all the synptoms  I have been having for forever and couldn't explain. 

I do realize I need to get myself together. I have lived my whole life w/ this, and I have to continue to. Now that I know why I feel crapppy I will deal with it. Part of me wants to just deny it. Pretend I do not have it and that I am fine. However having headaches 90% of the time would make that near impossible. 
I am glad spring is almost here. I say almost because it snowed yesterday. It didn't stick but still. Having nice weather will definately help my mood. That will make a huge difference. I need to concentrate on the good things in my life. This diagnosis doesn't change all the wonderful things in my life. I still am unbelieveably blessed.