Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dirty Bathrooms

Is it just me or does it seem pointless sometimes to clean a house when you have 4 kids? As a stay at home mom and wife, thru the years I have found satisfaction in a clean house, making good meals, desserts from scratch.. all that jazz. HOWEVER, I have found that in the last few months rather than a feeling of accomplishment in the cleaning, I feel frustration and well, down right pissed off because I KNOW I will be scrubbing that very same spot in the bathrom and kitchen floor w/in days. After awhile I don't feel accomplished, I feel irritated, kids are getting old enough to do more, which we have them do. But the bathrooms, well they don't get it done quite right. I find it hard to muster up the motivation to do the same things OVER & OVER & I finally get it done, I feel good again. The joys of motherhood. It is September and I love the fall, but it also means winter is right around the corner. I absolutely HATE winter. I seriously would move down south if our families weren't all here and we didn't have 2 children w/ health issues. I never had this strong of an urge to move OUT of WI. I'm good thru Christmas, after that I would just like to hibernate. I do like the look of a fresh snow fall, how it looks at night and all that, but going out in it, driving in it. .no thanks. Well I need to bring Isaiah to school. He's on a reduced schedule. So I bring him in at 10:10, which when you look at my morning, I spend over 2 hrs doing drop offs...I am not complaining though b/c I am very happy I am getting Isaiah to school. I am waiting to hear what the school wants to do about this situation. He needs something different.. that's a whole other subject for a whole other blog, lol..At this point I am thankful he's going for at least half a day. And, to sum up my blog, although I may complain about a messy house and all that, I am thankful for my family, and that I am able to be home.