Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday!!

Not me Monday is a mom's chance to admitt some of our short comings as mothers, be real about all the imperfections about motherhood! So here goes!

~ I did not allow my son to eat a popsicle AGAIN for breakfast so I wouldn't have to fight w/ him...I mean it probably has less sugar than a pop tart right? That was my reasoning and it works for us!
I would never allow my self expressive 9 year old daughter walk out the door in a an unmatching, stained outfit that even her 12 yr brother questioned..nope not me... I definately would NOT take a picture of it!!!
Can you image a mother that would time her son as to how long it takes to run upstairs to get something SHE forgot just so she didn't have to go get it herself? I can't imagine it either!!!!!!!!

Well that's all I got for