Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday, but felt like Sunday!

So today Darnell went to Madison w/ Ivan to the big Badger game. They got some VIP treatment I guess, lol.. it was nice for them to have the day to get away. The kids slept over at Joanie's so I woke up to a completely empty house! 9:30...I used to sleep to at least 11 if no one woke me up...Anyways I laid around for awhile then went & indulged in my 2 obsessions, Starbucks and O&H croissants. When I got home, I ate and took a nap! SOOO nice! I know I have the days free ( sorta) buy today I didn't have to take anyone to school, no running around, just me. Felt weird. When we picked up the kids we dropped Isaiah prescription off and had a half hour to kill, so we went to Shopko to get Banna some shoes. Oh LORD! I shoulda taken a pic of her pouty face...This girl was overtired, crabby and indecesive. I know how she feels, she's A LOT like me when it comes to I actually will pat myself on the back b/c I was quite patient w/ her trying on shoes. So many shoes, so little money. Darnell doesn't QUITE get the whole concept of girls needing a couple different pairs of shoes for different outfits.. I mean you can't wear tennie's w/ a casual outfit.. you can w/ Jeans, but not an outfit w/ leggings.. you get the idea. Boys are much easier. Oh, and how you kinda need brown and black dress and or casual shoes. Between my 2 daughters, hopefully they will get GOOD babysitting jobs when the get older to suppport their fashion least they can share shoes, usually. that can sometimes lead to a blow out.. haha. So when we got home I had the girls take showers, they were FILTHY from playing outside all day! I love it when kids play outside all day on a gorgeous fall day! So after thier showers they smelled good, looked clean and comfy in their jammies. Isaiah didn't make it into the shower, he fell asleep. His room is DONE! Just have to get a blind and decorate a bit. SOOO nice to have it finsished. Thanks to my Aunt Linda who is a perfectionist and did the end of the painting. That was a HUGE blessing.

I feel like I am slowly feeling better. I have had some really good days. Isaiah's behavior chart is all done. His home thearpist, Miss Julie made it. W/ pictures and all. I could have probably done that at some point, but having someone do it so that it will benefit Isaiah is a major blessing. Tomorrow we start full force w/ implenting the first stage. He will get tokens for EVErYTHING he does well. All the little things he's suposed to do, and all the good things we see him doing. We want him to get the feeling of accomplishment. Tonight he told us that he pooped in the toilet at Aunt Joanie's, well I gave him 10 extra tokens and told him next time, if he does it and I don't have to change hime, he'll get 20 tokens! So.. I am hoping the novelty of this doesn't wear out. But it really helps me be more structured. Well I need to go, I think I may sort all my laundry so that tomorrow I can just start it.. the dishwasher is goal tmrw is to seriously SCRUB my kitchen and bathroom floors. I need to do this, it's been bugging me for awhile. Not sure if we'll make it to church. Since Isaiah spent the night at Joanie's last night, I am not sure how he will be tmrw since his schedule was shaken up a bit. It's agood thing, he loves going there, playing w/ his cousins but since his normal routine is different, I don't want to push it tmrw. We'll see. Night all!