Monday, September 14, 2009


Mondays..blah...last night I was all psyched about monday because it meant kids at school, quiet house. Didn't happen. Isaiah refused to get on the bus. So I had to drop the girls I babysit for off at the bus stop. Isaiah wanted to play in the grass while we waited. I sat there watching him, twirling, smiling, tumbling in the grass w/o a care in the world. What a priceless moment. If I don't make the effort to look for those moments, I would go nuts. This afternoon didn't go well. Isaiah hasn't had an episode in a couple weeks and today he hauled off and smacked me...I HATE that. I know he doesn't get it.. but everything in me is screaming how wrong this is!! Yet there isn't anyting I can do about it....I'm trying really hard to be logical and not emotional. easier said than done. So..tonight after Darnell got home from work he took the kids to get frosty's and then me a coffee( big shocker there, lol) and he came home w/ this Starbucks jar I have been wanting that you put your coffee grounds excited! He spoils me when I don't deserve it.. he is just awesome. I went to church again yesterday! 3rd sunday out of 4!! well I don't have anything else interesting to say