Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to reality!

Back to went back to work yesterday, kids went back to school today. It was such a great vacation. I already got 100 pic developed, a few framed and tmrw I'm going to put them all in photo albums. We went shopping this weekend, and ooooh did Darnell spoil me!!!!!!! LOL... We got a new down comforter, an egyptian cotton puffy mattress pad and a duvet cover for the comforter! Plus I got curtains for the dining room FINALLY, and curtains for our room so they actually match. Now we just need to paint our bedroom. This hideous wallpaper drives me nuts. Things are going well w/ my dad. I talked to him on teh phone again yesterday. It is amazing because within the last, well at least year or so, I have prayed that if God wanted my dad to be a part of my life, God would have to do his thing! I wasn't going to hunt my dad down. I didn't feel like that was the route to take. I specifically prayed( like the bible tells us too!) that if God wanted anything to happen, my dad would contact me first. And he did. Doesn't God work in awesome ways! It will obviously take time to build a relationship, but I really feel at peace about it. I know God is in control. needless to say, I'm soo excited! I hope to, in God's time, get to know my brother Nick. He lives in St. Louis too. BUt again, it's all in God's time.
Today Darnell almost walked into a bear trap way out in the boonies!!!!!!!! Luckily the guy he was with realized there was a trap! I don't even know if bear hunting is legal! But come on, if you have cable techs running lines outside you'd think they would at least give the guys a heads up! Well that's all for today!