Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Monday!

It's monday. not doing much. Yesterday I cleaned like a freak almost all day! Then I remember, oh it's just the downstairs, I still have to clean the entire upstairs!!! Don't know if that's happening today or not...I also am trying hard to talk myself into working out, I have zero motivation today. I suppose that's not much different than any other day, ha! I was trying to download music to a memory card for Savannah to put on her DSI but I can't figure it out... The kids and Darnell are counting the hours till we go leave for the dells! It's going to be nice to get away! And be stayng in a presidental suite at that! Isaiah is sleeping, he sleeps every morning after we drop Jeremiah, Tava & Elly off. We are supposed to get hit w/ a big snow storm tomorrow..we'll see if it really happens! Even though I hate WI winters, there still is that excitement when we are going to get a big snow storm!

I just picked Jeremiah up from school. He has a migraine and stomache. Poor kid..he gets such bad headaches. I know he doesn't feel good because he NEVER calls from school to go home early!! I just booked a cababana suite at the Wilderness. It's in the Water Dome inside water park where the wave pool is. It feels weird to be going on a mini vacation and staying in such nice rooms, but I have to remind myself that we deserve good things. God wants good things for us. Our family is going to have a blast!