Tuesday, February 16, 2010

vacation part 2..

Well we had our day enjoying the Cabana suite in the waterdome waterpark. SOOO nice!! Not a bad price either! I am currently sitting in the most comfy leather chair typing on my laptop... what a life! After a year that will go down in history as one of the worst, we definately needed this. I bit the bullet and went in the wave pool. ALLL the way out. I still feel like Im in it.. yuck I hate that feeling! Tonight we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner then came back to the hotel. Mom, me, and J, Haley and Savannah played skipbo. We laughed SOOO hard, such great memories being made for all...Isaiah had his desert, got his jammies on and was out like a light. Again, I cant get over this hotel suite. It truly is unreal to me!
update on my dad~ we are corresponding thru facebook at this point. Which to me is good. It's good to take things slow. I have to be honest, I am so dang excited yet extremely gun shy... I dont want to get my hopes up and be let down again. I don't harbor any ill feelings toward him, life's too short. It is just weird to have my dad, MY DAD, words I have barely used in my life, want to know ME!!! I think we will be taking baby steps though, after so many years of no communication, it's going to take awhile to build a relationship. This is something I have prayed about for months. not daily, but frequently. Pryaying that if God wants me to know my dad, he'd work it out. Well so far, it looks as though he is workin it out. God is good!! Well I'm going to bed, hopefully I can sleep after being in the dang wave pool and now feeling like my brain is still in it, haha..