Thursday, February 25, 2010

week in review..

Well this week I actually started working out again! Man my shins hurt! It feels good to be getting back into it though. Last night I brought the kids back to Racine Assembly for Youth group J, and Stars for the girls. That's where they want to be. I am overjoyed that they enjoy going, and I do not want to squelch that. sometimes you need to step out of your own world and try something different. I was so sure God was leading us in a different direction, which I'm not entirely convinced that he still is leading us in a different direction. But as far as Wednesday nights go, the kids are comfortable, happy and that's what want to focus on. I honestly feel like when I go to RAG I'm getting all kinds of trash talk that's being said about me, but oh well.
On a different note, things w/ my dad are going great! He got the pictures I sent and he also go pics from my brother Kevin and is going to send me copies. This is all soooo new to me. Excitng, scary, but good. God is good. I am feeling very blessed tonight!!