Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Work out today!!!!!

TOday I FINALLY went to the Y to work out. I did 30 min on the treadmill and 20 min on the elpitial, then a few weight sets on my legs. I'm starting to feel the burn, lol..I ate pretty decent today. I had protein shakes for lunch and dinner. Tomorrow I'm going to the Y again to workout and then after that there's open swimming so I'm going to bring Isaiah to swim. I am determined to lose weight. I always feel like I have to have done everything perfectly each day, especially when it comes to this stuff, but I am learning to not look at that way. I am basically setting myself up for failure. So I look at like this, today I worked out, ate decent which is sooo much better than yesterday! When I was on the treadmill I felt that same adrenaline rush I used to feel when I worked out all the time. I miss that feeling, knowing you are doing something healthy for yourself! My life has changed quite a bit in a little over a week. My dad is a part of my life again. I keep saying it, but it's just so new and exciting! Well I am off to bed, working out wore me out, LOL..