Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Lately I have been feeling extremely anxious. I have known for years that I have anxiety/panic issues. Which is the reason I have been on medication for it. Well I changed meds in July and man, it is making me feel like I'm losing my mind. I don't want to go anywhere, do anything...I want to stay home and that's it. I hate feeling like this. when I know Ihave to go somewhere, I start feeling anxious days before. Add in some PMS last week and that is a recipe for one emotional/ basket case of a woman. I did start going thru a bunch of junk, shredding tons of old paper that was taking up so much space. But I'll get started on something and then don't have the energy to finish. I did go for a about a mile and a half walk on Monday, then yesterday my friend called me up to go for a walk, I thought we walked 4 miles but it was actually 3. Not bad. I have not gone for a walk today. I go to the Dr tomorrow to get this medication situation under control.
Isaiah brought home a spelling list. He had to practice the words. I immediately paniced b/c I didn't think he could do it. Well I will not underestimate my son again! He did really well!! He's really doing well. Yesterday he got into a bit of trouble for talking to his friend, this friend whom he can't remember his name, lol, and he wasn't following directions, he was giggling. At least he's feeling comfortable. I am getting concerned about his bowel issues. He holds it in, and his belly is so distended that his inny belly button is starting to become an outty. May have to call the Dr tomorrow. Never a dull moment!