Friday, September 3, 2010

Good day!

Today Darnell bought me an Iphone 4!! I'm so excited!!! Of course it's not a necessity, but he worked like a mad man the last 2 weeks, we paid our bills, God blessed us and so Darnell spoiled me a little bit! He's awesome! Tomorrow evening we are getting together w/ my brother Kevin and his family and my brother Dave and his family. I am really excited. This is something I never ever dreamed would happen. They are my half brothers on my dads side. I realize this is all new to all of us, I don't have any major expections, just to meet them, connect, meet my nieces and nephews.. it's a good start. Then on sunday my dad and Pam will be here. We are going to bbq... i have been corrected by my dad, it's not called "cooking out" it's called are really improving finanially. we still have a ways to go and bills that need to get paid. But I know God will provide. Isaiah has done well the first 3 days of school. That is a huge accomplishment.
The weather is sooo cool. Feels like fall. But it's supposed to get back up into the 80's on Monday. which is fine, Im not quiet ready for fall. but having a break from the humidity is very nice.
We are currently praying for a job for Darnell that will allow him to be able to go to church. I personally HATE change, especially job changes. however, He wants to be involved w/ youth group, especially now that Jeremiah and Haley are both in youth group. I know God has a plan, and w/ so many out of work, I am even more thankful that He has a decent job at all. God knows what he's doing. So.. we are praying.., but ultimately i want God's will for us. He's brought us a LONG way. I have no doubt that he has us where we are in this season for a reason. I'm learning, as hard as it is, that I don't always have to have all the answers. I just need to trust.
I plan on baking some stuff this weekend. We are cooking out at my mom's on sunday. That will be fun. The kids LOVE going over there.. and I swear she loves having them more than anything. She was meant to be a grandma! she has taught Jeremiah and the girls so much about gardening and yard stuff... they all appreciate flowers and nature so much. Every year, still, in the spring as soon as Jeremiah sees the first Robin he calls my mom to tell her. I am so thankful for the relationship she has w/ them. They are building great memories. Well I need to go play w/ my new phone, hehehe...