Thursday, September 9, 2010

I called in sick

I called in sick technically I "texted" in sick, to my husband who is off today! Basically to establish that today, I am off limits from doing any motherly or household duties! I did make a few phone calls for appts for the kids..but I couldn't ignore that. Last night I had ANOTHER migraine. I took exedrin PM and it worked. still waiting to hear about my referral to the headache clinic.

So what does a stay at home mom do on a day off? Well, ideally one would think she would go shopping or go for a walk etc.. I however have not or never will do what "most" people do. I am in my room, on my laptop watching re-runs of "House" To me, today that is how I feel like spending my day off. later I will take a nap. So, I have been thinking. shocker I know..I have Darnell built up on this big pedestal. partially because I am crazy in love with him(big part of me!) and also because he is fanatisitc w/ our kids, w/ ministry at church. He's funny, witty, easy going. He was one of the "cool" guys at school. I was sorta the wallflower. I had a tight knit group of friends. I actually have an awesome group of friends, ladies that have been with me when I went thru tons of crap. My mom always says she thinks it's awesome that I have so many great friends. I am blessed. So me, being who I am, and Darnell being who he is, the odds of us getting together didn't seem real when we first started dating. Now, next month is our 14th wedding anniversary.

*Warning~this may be a long blog today~

Jeremiah, age 13, 8th grader.

He is our oldest. He is taller than me, and frequently finds it insanely hilarious to point it out to him. HA! However, he is a mama's boy to some extent. he never goes to bed w/o saying good night and I love you. He looks out for his siblings. He used to carry Haley home from the bus stop when she had bladder spasms. He's that kind of kid. He's loving, compassionate, and a blessing to me. He is a family oriented kid. Watching Darnell and him wrestle is so much fun. He is MY boy, and always will be!

Haley, age 11, 6th grader~

Haley is beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous. And has NO idea that she is. She is sort of a tomboy, however a tomboy that won't leave the house w/o her earings, her legs lotioned up so she's not ashy and her hair neatly combed into a pony tail. She is a straight A student. she does it pretty much w/ very little effort. She had to have gotten that from her dad. Definately NOT me, haha...she can be quiet and shy. When she's in her goofy mood, she really lets loose. She values things being in order, clean and neat. she is a huge help to me. I look at her and it takes my breath away.

Savannah, age 10, 5th grader~

Savannah "banna" is our huge goof ball. Seriously, she cracks us up and more importantly cracks herself up!!!! She is a very out going, friendly, kid. She is a lot like Darnell. and OMG is she a daddy's girl. I mean, the sun rises and sets on HIM!! Which I think is fabulous! She also is our drama queen. she can be so happy go lucky, but when her panties get in a bunch, literally and metaphorically, EVERYONE knows it! She has a stare that will burn a hole thru you( much like Haley does) and crocidile tears that sometimes either make you laugh or cry with her, haha.She is extremely creative, and as she gets older I am seeing more and more her talents for taking pictures, using the video player on my camera.. she has quite the personality. I am excited to see where life takes her.

Isaiah, age 7, 1st grader~

Isaiah is a mystery sometimes. But he is a cuddle bug, he has a smile that lights up a room. His giggle, OMG is soo dang cute. His best friends are his siblings. And of course his cousins Tamiah, Amara and Trenton. He adores them. He loves anything w/ a remote control. Not tv controls, but cars, trucks, etc.. He loves to swim. He would swim in the lake, that is freezing cold, his whole body could be purple and he'd swim until it got dark. He's my baby. he still loves to cuddle, he loves his "woobie" You know the woobie like the little kid had on" Mr Mom"? he sleeps with it, chews on it. His sense of humor is emerging every day and it's so cool to see.

My kids are my world. Although a lot of the time I find myself getting way too caught up in the duties of motherhood, rather than spending more quality time w/ them. I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom. There are many reasons that I am. The most important being, well it's tied for the most important reason, first of all with 4 kids, I want to be here when they get home, I want to know what's going on etc...the 2nd reason is w/ Isaiah's disablitiy, I have to be home. So I am so happy I can be home. I look back at old pictures and MAN do I miss the days when they were babies. Well most of the time. haha.. I do however realize if I spend too much time missing what used to be, I will miss what is happenig now.