Thursday, June 18, 2009

Carpal tunnel???

Yesterday I made myself drag the shop vac(borrowed from my mil ) and vacuumed the basement..when I was done, I was sweating, and my right hand was almost trembling. Which confirms, to me anyways, that I do have carpal tunnel or something of that nature. Then when I woke up today, my hand is still tingly and hurts all the way up my arm. Now that I finally have the motivation to do some major cleaning, my hand is killing me. And if indeed it's carpal tunnel, I do not have the time to have surgery to have it fixed!! Darnell is working tons of overtime. Which is great financially, but difficult b/c that leaves me w/ Isaiah in the evenings. Right now, he's gone pretty much all day. He's at kiddie corner 8:30-11:30 and then his van picks him up at noon and gets home at 4:30. But last night he came home and OMG it was like he was possessed. I hate to say that, but he was just fuming and angry.. I don't know if everything is just catching up to him..who knows. I'm just the mom. I don't know jack about what makes that boy tick, lol..The other kids are having a good time at kiddie corner. They are such good kids. And today's blog is done because my hand is killing me! lol