Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Feeling very domestic!

I got a lot accomplished today. I FINALLY vacuumed my dining room which was in complete disaray. I fixed my ceiling fan in the kitchen and even have the light sconces( spelling??) in the dishwasher so they won't be yucky. For some odd reason, I feel so accomplished when I get stuff like that done. Very domestic. So many women need to feel powerful and all that, and I won't lie when I say I would like that feeling once in awhile too. However, on the whole, I feel very satisfied when my home is in order. When I know my family's needs are met. I think this past year or so I know I've been falling deeper into a depression, so now that I am starting to come out of it, summer is here, the windows are open, I am feeling better. I love the smell of clean laundry, fresh sheets that were on the line outside, seeing my beauitful children golden brown from the sun...I was changing loads in the basement and I asked Savannah to help, she is so willing to help. All of my kids actually are. The girls are going to make wonderful wives and mothers some day, if they chose to. I hope they do, lol..

I keep having these waves of dizziness...I am sure it's because I have a prescription
I need to pick up and haven't had it in a few days. I have to go pick it up in the morning. Tomorrow is going to be crazy. But in the morning it will work out that it will be just me and Haley for a few hours. I am looking forward to it. I have been feeling like she needs that and the time for it just fell in my lap. Thank you Jesus! I know it wasn't a coincedence. God is looking out for my little girl! Well I am off to put the laundry away...