Tuesday, June 23, 2009

crazy fun summer days!

Today was HOT!!! It's like a week and a half ago, we all were freezing our tootsies off here in WI, now BAM summer has hit! We took the pool cover off, for once I had the bright idea of taking it off before it rains so that it's easier to get off w/o all the water..score for Melissa! And the water actually looks decent, the winterization stuff worked well. We can actually see the bottom. So Darnell has to shock it and then run the filter, vacuum it and we'll be up and running! I can't wait. I am very unmotivated lately. I have sooo much I need to do, want to do, yet I do NOTHING! What will it take to lite a fire under me? My day today consisted of dropping Savannah off at peer mediation training, going thru the walgreens drive thru, the band drive thru, starbucks, dropping the kids off at KK( kiddie Korner) all before 8:30 a.m. I had at least showered, but my hair wasn't done, no makeup, lol.. I spent the morning hanging out w/ Nikki and the girls. They are precious! Summer is officially here and I have a feeling I am going to be more worn out by the end of it then I am when the kids are in school. I put a ridiculous amount of miles on my gas guzzling van( still VERY thankful for it though)! However, I am glad I can be home, and be w/ my kids, as much as they may drive me nuts! What a boring life I would lead w/o my beautiful kids to make me squirrely! They are fabulous kids! I could go on forever. I just feel blessed. In spite of the recent drama w/ Isaiah, I can still see how blessed I am. I am trusting God. Waiting patiently. Trying VERY hard not to complain. Some days I whine and go on and on..but this is me. Take me or leave me. I try my best to be real and I won't ever apologize for that. I don't want my kids to ever look back and think wow, my mom acted one way at home and another way somewhere else. I might be crazy, but at least I'm consistent, HA HA HA!!! Serioulsy though, these are the days that are going to allow me to grow, to learn and to lean on God. I now am going to go to bed! The morning comes way toooo fast!!