Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today sucked

Today absolutely sucked. Yesterday was awesome, today however was 100% opposite. I am too tired to type all the details, but the end of it is that I am drained. So drained. I have to much to do and w/ all the wrestling I did w/ Isaiah and his episodes that I feel that I went 10 rounds and lost terribly. I will say, my daughters are so awesome. They put up w/ so much from their dear darling brother and still play w/ him, give him hugs, the whole 9 yards. Jeremiah is equally awesome! So although today was ridicoulsly ( totally don't know how to spell that..) out of control I will still go to bed knowing my kids are wonderful. And so are my mom and Darnell's mom who both came over today when I was at my wits end. There is just nothing better than having a supportive family. It makes a world of difference. On that note, I am turning the computer off..and going to bed! Thank GOD!!