Monday, June 22, 2009

Off to a good Monday!

Monday...and it's actually off to a good start! Savannah has peer mediation training this week from 8-1, the other kids have kiddie corner 8:30-11:30, Isaiah has his program from noon-4:30..busy busy..but this morning Isaiah was in a fabulous mood! Actually all the kids were. Makes monday mornings go so much more smoothly! I have so much cleaning I should be doing. I just don't know where to get the motivation from! Yesterday I sat down and wrote a letter to God. We need this porch thing taken care of. We don't have the money right now to do it and we have a deadline from the city to at least make a good dent in getting it started. In the past I have written a letter to God, claiming scriptures that assure me God will provide for our needs. So, I felt a huge release when I did that. Now I wait. It's all in God's time, not mine. He's never late! Last summer when Darnell lost his job I had been looking at my roses that were just coming up and God really impressed upon me that the new roses represented life, beauty, this last few days all my roses are blooming and again I felt like God was showing me that each rose represents the fruitful life and many years God has for us in our home. Some may not see it that way, but God speaks to all of us in a different way, thru various things to get our attention. 10 years ago I would have walked past a rose bush and never even noticed a thing about it, now that I'm older and appreciate taking care of a home, having hanging flower pots, rose bushes, making my house a home. That is how God speaks thru me and to me. Right now I am waiting on God. I am realizing that I have to learn how to wait. I have spent so much time worrying, being paranoid, etc..and God clearly states that he will take care of all my needs. It's such a comfort. I am waiting on God w/ Isaiah too. His situation requires a lot of patience and I have come to the point that I have NO other choice but to wait and trust God. I need to learn my lesson that I cannot bully God into making things right at the exact moment I want it. So.. I humbly will get on my knees and wait. I am thankful that God gives us mercy and grace.