Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday!!

I am copying the idea of "Not me Monday" from MckMama, a blogger who I follow and love to read blogs!! Not me Monday consists of confessing or rather not confessing of the things we all do/ don't do that we surely are not fessing up to in our blog! So here goes..

This past week we opened our pool! Yay! I most definately did not look forward to this for the simple fact that my kiddos will stop complaining about how hot they are.... I also did not wait to make lunch until the kids came in and asked for it because of course I did not want to interrupt the peace and quiet I was enjoying in my lounge chair. I mean, if they are hungry, they'll let me know...right? Well for the record , they were hungry and I did feed them. LOL

I am an admitted Starbucks FREAK~!!! I definatley would never ever imagine or even consider getting my coffee in the a.m. and when my husband called me on his way home I did NOT say of course you can bring me Starbucks home-decaf of course because it was after 8 p.m. That would just be INSANE!! hahahahaha

I also wouln't dream of using bribery w/ my sweet kids! I definately didn't bribe my son w/ an ice cream cone if he got on his van... I also DID NOT tell him that the ice cream shop was closed just to get out of going.. I would never tell a lie....