Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun Friday

I had a great day hanging out with 2 old friends from high school, Heidi and Sarah and their kids. The kids swam in my greeen pool, lol and we chatted and reminiced about the days of old, lol.. The pool is green, but clean! We are having a hard time getting the rythm of the chemicals and running the filter and cleaning it. Aside from the color, it was perfectly safe to swim in. So needless to say, the kids had a blast! Tonight my girls are at a sleepover so it's just me and my guys. I am contemplating vegging out OR organizing Savannah's drawers and doing some organizing. I was at a friends house that was SPOTLESS!! That has inspired me. I guess it doesn't take much. But it feels good to get things de cluttered and organized. I FINALLY got all this paper work turned into SSI... something that I had been putting off for forever.. that alone, having it off my mind feels absolutely wonderful. All my other papers, documents, all that stuff is organized! Now I need to get my house and yard going and I'll be on a roll! I guess as a SAHM (stay at home mom~for those that don't know the lingo, hehe) having all that done makes me feel like I'm getting things accomplished. It inspires me to keep my home in order. What inspires you? You being who ever in the world reads this...I think I will write this blog as if someone really is reading lol..But really what inspires you? What makes people tick? What makes you want to go home clean like crazy?? LOL..For me, it's either seeing someone else's extremely clean house OR someone else's extremely NOT clean house. Either one sparks some kind of OCD in me..hahaha Well I guess I have blogged enough nonsense for today.. nothing too life changing coming out of my brain today!