Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lazy Day

Darnell was off today! Which was good because w/ all the kids going in almost 6 different directions, it was a good thing. Good news, Isaiah's bowels are MOVING..and do I mean MOVING!! His little belly no longer looks like there's a bowling ball in there. Jeremiah went to a Brewer game today w/ Sports(kiddie corner) and he leaves on Monday for camp! He's super excited! He and Darnell got his big 'ol metal futon bed out of room and out for the garbage this morning.. of course the junk collectors got it before the garbage men did. If they would have looked hard enough we were kind enough to put all the hardware that you need to put the bed together in a ziploc by the bed.. guess they just wanted it for scrap metal..who knows??

I was super lazy today. I get irritated w/ myself because I see so much that I need to do...and I don't do it. What's stopping me for pete's sake? I usually try to tell myself that eventually will have to do it, so I mine as well get it over with.. I'm still waiting on God, believeing God for an answer to how we are going to get our porch re done. It is still a mystery to me.. I am coming to believe that we aren't given all the details of life all at once...of course for those impatient people like me it makes me insane, but when I take a step back, I see that God is in control. He doesn't have to reveal his plan and all the details to us, we have to trust that he's got it taken care of. Period. I don't have the blueprint of my life or any of the details, but He does. That leaves me with a choice. I can either be patient and find constructive ways to let God do his thing and get out of the way, or I can whine, tell EVERYONE my problems( which I will admit I am extremely guilty of doing) and fret and fret and that gets me NO WHERE! Of course I have to make a very vigilant(did I spell that right??) effort to be patient. I've have done the impatient thing too many times that I care to remember. I'm opting for enjoying the life God has given me, and let him figure it all out and I will follow. Of course easier said than done, but something well worth striving for!!!