Friday, July 31, 2009

All Saints Royally sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~CAUTION~ just a forwarning.. I am highly ticked off and fired up.. these are my random thoughs that need to come out someplace, so this is it. Please, if you read this, don't be offended if some questionable language spews forth.. lol
So... we decided to bring Isaiah to the ER.. this week has been hell. I literally have bruises EVERYONE from him, He even got Darnell pretty good..Long story short.. his regular psych dr. said if things get too out of hand, go to the ER. So we did. The first nurse we dealt w/ was fabulous.. her son has almost the same issues, so she knew where we were coming from. At one point they were holding a bed for Isaiah at St. Lukes, WELL...the psychologist(whom I overheard as I walke past the little room"he's only 5, he's only 5".. blah blah blah.. get over how old he is and look at the facts. anyways she comes in to tell me Isaiah doesn't fit the criteria to be admitted. I said well whos' criteria.. well she then tells me it's partially hers and then the insurance..well at that point she hadn't even contacted the insurance company. Well I ripped her a new one. I said what exactly does he need to do to fit your freaking criteria? Oh and she says you can call Dr. callaghan on Monday..well what the Hell.. what am I supposed to do over the weekend, Callagahn said if things get out of hand take him to the ER..that's what I did. I just want SOMEONE on God's green earth to help my son.. Then I asked if there was someone about this psychologist.. well apparently it was the Physicans assistant.. I said, seriously, point blank to this nurse" well does he have the balls to stand up to this high and might pscyhologist?" her response was.. Oh I don't want to get in the middle of it. Well then a DR finally stepped in, actually listened to me and made this chick put the insurance info thru the system Which of course was denied, which I have NO DOUBT that this woman, who clearly thinks she's God, was bound and determined that Isaiah would not be getting admitted was the one who submitted all the info. Well she can make anything sound good, bad or in between. The other times we've brought him there, we didn't have a problem at all. I told her do you want him climbing the walls or what? Her response was" well that not really her nor there" Well the hell it isn't, it most definately is. Does the house need to burn down, do we need to come in completely batter? WTF??So.. despite all the arguing I did, the NICE dr. stopped me before I left to let me know he'd be there all weekend if we ended up back there. He was the good guy for the night.. I still HATE all saints.. I work my ass off to try and get my son help and get NO WHERE!!! Im tired of this shit. I'm tired of being beat up every day.. tired of people just not getting it, telling me he just needs this or that or whatever their cure is..Does anyone out there get that yes, Isaiah is only 5, will be 6 in 3 weeks, but has some SERIOUS mental health issues? It is possbile. People would just rather believe that either A) I just dont' discipline him enough, B) he's spoiled or C) he needs to detox and never ever eat sugar ever again. That idea is a valid point, but at this stage in the game, not gonna happen. My other kids are witnessing all of this, watching thier "little" brother basically bet the shit out of me.. NOt COOL! I'll be the first to admit, if we don't get some relief soon, I may be the one in the psych unit. haha.. so there you have it I guess.. I'm sick to death of all this, I can't make it better for anyone.. I am worn out to the point of no return I think..My 3 other kids are putting up w/ soo more than they should have to or that I ever wanted them to have to deal with..Although I have faith in God, I just don't understand.honestly and truly. I just don't get it..but it is what it is.. so I'm going to try and sleep.. lol.. i'm SOOOOOO tired...I want croissants in the a.m... bad... all this crap makes me want the 2 things I basically could live off of, Starbucks and O & H croissants.. LOl.. how sad am I? good night...if you can call it that