Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paper Work

Well I got a notice in the mail from SSI that I need to send in check stubs for our review.. I have been DREADING this for months, I am mostly prepared because I knew it was coming so during one of my OCD episodes( they only come along like once a year, lol) I got everything pretty much organzied. Now it will just be a matter of figuring out what I don't have and getting it. But on the paper it did say that if I had trouble getting anything they could help.. so I have to make a conscience effort NOT to let this make me nuts. It's these things,paperwork, that stress me out. WHY? you ask? I have NO IDEA!!! So.. I'm going to take a deep breath and take care of it, tomorrow, lol
Isaiah didn't go to Kiddie Corner, he told me point blank he wasn't going to program. I said Oh yes you are! I had to call in reinforcements, Uncle Chuck and Tom came and put him on the van. Thank God. I am realizing that it's time Isaiah stops running the show. I realize there are some things that he can't help, however, there are definately some learned behaviors that we need to address. It's going to be a war zone trying to convince him that He, in fact, is not the boss.
I have not been to a Sunday morning church service in 2 months at least. I need to get back to basics. I miss being a part of church. And obviously the only one to change that is me. I am having a hard time w/ where I fit at church. What ministry does God want me a part of? Lately my life has consisited of just keeping our family on an even keel w/ all of Isaiah's hospitalizations etc.. but part of balance is having church be a consistent part of our life. I don't want to go just for the kids. I want to go for myself, I just don't know where I fit. I guess I'll have to get back into the groove of it and find out!