Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Story of Us!

It all began 15 years ago today! Well we became an official couple, a few weeks before that we had met, flirted a bit, then at Spencer Lake Bible Camp we had our first kiss! Gasp...I know, first kiss at bible camp! When we got home from camp we made our relationship official. Darnell was 16 and I had just turned 17! On the way home from camp on the bus Darnell had written me a love note, telling me he loved me, wanted to marry me and spend the rest of his life waking up to me!! He is a man of his word! In the beginning, probably because we were sooo young, we fought A LOT! It's ridiculous looking back, lol. But now, we hardly ever fight, Thank God. We got pregnant w/ our son Jeremiah when we were 18. We've been thru A LOT, but it is such a blessing to have found the mate God has for you. Darnell is more than my husband, he is my best friend. He ALWAYS remembers the little things, he indulges me w/ Starbucks addiction( thanks babe!) I knows me probably better than I know myself. He's the most selfless man on the planet! He always puts me and the kids first, even when I try to tell him he doesn't have to. After 15 years of being together, and almost 13 years being married, I still am in love with Darnell. He makes me laugh, he loves me unconditionally, and I love him unconditionally! I am absolutely counting my blessings. In this day and age, it's so difficult to for couples to remain together for more than a few years it seems..We have God in our life and I am completely confident that w/o God, we would have been a statistic. I am thankful for my wonderful husband.