Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Better days

Well my last blog was quite explosive.. LOL.. I have calmed down since then. Isaiah is doing much better. I am praying that this new mix of meds is going to keep working. Not to mention the amount of prayer that is going on for Isaiah. He's some what subdued, due to the meds, they make him sleepy, usually that passes within a couple of weeks. And honestly, I can deal w/ a sleepy little boy than an angry raging one. It's that time of summer where I am starting to feel impatient, crabby and restless. I wish I could go on vacation. We are going to the Dells next weekend for Darnell's cousin's wedding, which will be nice. But I want to get on a plane and go somewhere, lol..
Yesterday Darnell sent me a message on Facebook that said" Just wanted you to know that I am sooooo in love with you".. it totally made my day. He really is awesome. I told him the other day I need some pampering, haha. That's what my counselor seriously told me though.. in all seriousness..because of all the crap I deal w/ from Isaiah( which isn't his fault that he acts that way, I just happened to be the one on the receiving end of it) I need some pampering. Music to my ears..haha...Darnell is really great about giving me time and space when I need it. I wish I could hire someone to come and completely clean our pool.. we've had such a hard time keeping it clean this year, mostly due to the crap weather. I seriously still want to move out of WI. Mainly due to the weather, plus a change of scenery...maybe I just think that if we move I can escape some of the crap that seems to follow me..however I know all too well that Isaiah's issues aren't going anywhere..but if I have to deal with it, at least I could deal w/ it in a better climate, LOL...well that's all I got right now.. I feel kinda crappy today. I have a headache.. a ton of stuff to do around the house...