Saturday, August 22, 2009

Awesome Day! Darnell went to the Golf Outing w/ a bunch of guys from church and then they had a big lunch at church afterwards. Now he's a movie w/ Ivan. I am soo happy he got a day to do his own thing. He does SOOO much for me..the past few weeks especially I have been in such a funk that even though I'm a stay at home mom, I wasn't doing a whole lot. He picked up the slack. So I am glad he had at least one day to do his own thing. He's been wanting to golf for so long. The kids spent most of the day next door helping our friend Janice w/ the estate sale for our neighbor. So.. I pulled up the carpet in our parlor! The floors underneath actually look cool. They need a little bit of work, but look 100% better than the crap carpet that was there, that also had a HUGE stain from the paint that got spilled by a certain someone in my house.. I feel really great today. Haven't felt good in awhile!! We are planning on going to Florida in October. We don't have alot of money, but we will are expecting some money to come in, so Darnell and I decided we needed to get away. The plane tickets are dirt cheap, and once we get to Orlando my counsin Aaron and wife Meg live there. They are super excited to have us come visit. So we won't have to pay for a hotel, transportation...just food.. and well, we have to eat weather we are home or in Florida, lol.. It is our thought THAT, give the hellish year we have had, if we do NOT invest some time ( and even some $$) into our marriage to get away, spend time together, we will not be able to be strong in our marriage. So many people put the everything else first and their marriage last. It's obvious.. divorce rates are thru the roof. For us, w/ all we've dealt with, we need time togeteher to just relax and have fun. And dare I say, we deserve it! We have always tried to put God first, our marriage 2nd and the kids next. Some look at the kids come excuses. Well..if you don't have a relationship w/ God, well you really are going to be missing out on what God has for you, and if your marriage isn't strong, how can your family as a unit be strong? It all flows, if you put things in the right order. I am in desperate need of a vacation, and so is Darnell. So that's what we are going to do! I am so excited that I pulled up the carpet in our parlor! It looks pretty decent. I am working on getting Isaiah's room finished this next week. It's actually been such a good day! And if all goes well in the morning, we are going to church! It's been too long!