Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pretty prouductive night

Well summer has arrived I guess here in WI..the The humidity is outrageous! I'm not complaining though, I'm not thrilled to sweat 24/7 but it is better than fall weather in the summer. Our pool is NOT clean, which really is a shame b/c we can't swim in the one week that we finally will just about need to be in in order not to die of heat stroke. THe girls are sleeping over at Grandma Hoagie's tonight, w/ Tamiah & Amara. I'm sure they are having a blast. Today I washed our sheets, had Darnell help me flip our mattress, got a lot of the laundry done.. pretty productive. Lisa let me borrow their carpet cleaner, so that has sparked a cleaning frenzy in my I think. I'm so sick of all the things I keep looking at that need to be cleaned, then don't clean it. So...hopefully I will have the energy to keep up. Monday, I really need to make some phone calls in see what I am up against w/ Racine unified. He is suposed to go to kindergarten again, but I really don't think he can handle it. I know unified won't agree, so I'll just have to show them. This is going to be a huge fight I think,however I will do what I need to do to make sure my son gets the same education as everyone else. Well I really need to go change loads so I can take a shower..