Sunday, August 9, 2009

Freaked out!

Well today we went swimming at Aunt Michelle's. My mom came along and we all had a blast. The afternoon ended early though because of some nasty storms that were rolling in. Savannah was in cardiac arrest, just about...Isaiah completely FREAKED me out today. He was walking weird, having weird arm and leg movements and a couple people asked me if something was wrong. I kept asking him if something was hurting, he said no. So.. I called D to tell him because for some reason it just jilted me. He looked off. If that makes any sense at all. THen Darnell called back and reminded me that the Dr. had said one of his medications "may" cause some muscle cramping, stiffness...sigh of relief. Not that I am happy about the stiffness or cramping, but at least it should explain the weird movements. Tonight I am home doing nothing. NOt that I don't have anything to do, just zero motivation...same old complaint I guess. This week it's suposed to be hot, hopefully we can get some use out of the pool and I can get my tan on. I don't know why I feel so restless latley. I'm dying to hop on a plane and go someplace...I think it's the beginning of that feeling when the kids have been home all summer, I'm starting to count the days to when they go back. I like having them home, it's just a lot of work! I'm blessed to be home w/ them, so by no means am I complaining..but every mother has her breaking point. Most of the summer I have not done my hair or put on makeup, I have gained some weight in recent months..just not feeling attractive or any of that. Oh and it has been probably one of the most stressful summers ever.. that might have something to do w/ it! On the bright side, Isaiah has not had any episodes in over a week! Thank GOD!! I am so thankful. It just seems that once the dust settles,I feel the stress of everything. So, I am working thru that.