Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to Church!!

I finally went to church this morning..the first sunday morning in over 3 months! It felt good. I spent the day relaxing..thanks to my awsome sister in law for watching the kids..well jeremiah is at Blair's. I have been doing some thinking..this week we are FINALLY going to finish Isaiah's room. We still need bunk beds for the girls.. but once the rooms are all back in order, I want to really change our evening schedule, which will take some sacfrice on my part partially. I am thinking about turning the TV off around 7 pm on school nights. I want to have the kids read, maybe play a game together, do some quiet activities, squeeze in some family time every night. I think it will benefit all of us. I will admit that for as long as I can remember, if we are home there is at least 1 tv on in the house. Some days I just crave some quiet. And now that Jeremiah's getting older, I don't want the distraction of TV if he's got more homework..I want the girls to get in the habit of learning the value of peace and quiet. For the most part, none of our kids are TV junkies...if they have the option to be outside playing or watching tv, they definately will be outside. So we'll see..Darnell is the bomb.. I had a quiet day! He was working... Joanie had the kids..Jeremiah's at Blair's. This week I REALLY need to get some serious stuff done around the house. I got the oven need to be cleaned on the inside.. I did the fridge and freezer 2 weeks ago, under the sink is feels good to have those out of sight place clean and organzied. On that note I need to go to bed!